Fri - Sat, April 8 - 9th, 2016:
Zion 100 Mile, 100K, 55K, and HALF MARATHON

***Please note that the starting line has changed from previous years. It is no longer at the park but is now located two miles east of Virgin, on Kolob Terrace Road.***

***Also note that this added mileage to the 50K, which is now closer to a 55K***

Click Here for directions to the start/finish line parking area. Those paying for camping can continue to the start/finish area found here

The campsites near the start and finish line are limited and should fill up fast. A link for site reservations can be found HERE

course description:

A challenging, scenic run through the southern Utah desert adjacent to Zion National Park. 4 distances will be offered in 2015- a Half Marathon, 55k, 100k, and a 100 miler. The 100 miler and 100k will be run on Friday, with the half marathon and 55k on Saturday. The 100 mile course includes 4 steep climbs onto mesas that offer incredible views of the varied geological features of the area.

100 Mile- This course starts out with a steep climb up the Flying Monkey trail up onto the mesa, where you'll find an aid station. You'll do a six mile loop at the top and then come back down the way you came up before heading east towards the Dalton Wash aid station.  There is a small stream crossing around mile 13.5, but if you cross it in the right place, your feet should stay dry. 

After hitting the Dalton Wash aid station for the first time, you'll climb over the hill on a single track trail for a mile, then head up the dirt road 4 miles to the top of the mesa where the Guacamole trail begins. There is an aid station near the beginning of the 7.5 mile loop that you'll pass through on your way out and back, then you'll head back down to the Dalton Wash aid station for the second time (mile 30ish).  

You'll then cross the highway and start across the desert towards the looming Gooseberry Mesa.  You'll scramble up a 1,500ft ascent to the Goosebump Aid Station and then head out towards Gooseberry Point. A half mile from the overlook point will be an aid station that you'll pass through on your way out and back from the overlook (mile 40). You'll then hug the south rim of the mesa for a mile or so before heading inland, angling back towards the Goosebump aid station, which you'll hit a second time around mile 47. 

From here, you'll take a dirt road just over six miles to the Grafton Mesa aid station. You'll then run north to the end of Grafton Mesa, where you'll drop down off the mesa to an aid station at the bottom of a wash near the ghost town's cemetery (mile 57.5).  You'll then head back up the mesa and will work your way back to the Grafton Mesa aid station for the second time, then back to the Goosebump aid station for a third time (mile 68.5)

You'll now go back down the steep trail to the bottom of the mesa, then you'll follow a faint doubletrack west along the foot of the mesa over to the Virgin Desert aid station.  You'll do three different loops on the smooth singletrack of this trail system before bringing it home. 

100K- This route follows the 100 mile route until the second pass through the Goosebump aid station at mile 47.  

From here, the 100K drops off of Gooseberry Mesa and heads west, passing through the Virgin Dam Aid station before traversing the desert to the finish line.

55K- This route begins by heading straight towards and then up onto Gooseberry Mesa, then does the 12 mile loop on top. After dropping back off the mesa, the trail heads west to the Virgin Dam aid station and then to the finish.

Half Marathon- This rugged and scenic route climbs over 1,500ft up onto Smith Mesa via the Flying Monkey trail, then does a six mile loop on top of the mesa, hitting the aid station twice before coming back down to the finish line. 



Click Here for directions to the start/finish line parking area. Those paying for camping can continue to the start/finish area found here.

2-8pm- 100 mile and 100K check in at the start/finish line, located two miles north of Virgin, Utah. Non-camping cars will be shuttled to the start line from the BMX track parking area (approx 1 mile from the start/finish area). 55K and Half Marathon runners can check in at this time or on Friday from 2-8pm.  

6:00pm- Fireside chat on local geology/history w guest speaker

6:30pm- Course Overview Meeting (Optional)


5am- Last minute check ins 

6am- The 100 mile and 100K races begin.

2pm-8pm- Half Marathon and 55K check in. 

6:00pm- Fireside chat on local geology/history w guest speaker

6:30pm Course Overview Meeting (optional)


5am- Last minute check ins

6am- 55k race begins.

7am- Half Marathon begins


Time Cutoffs:

100 mile, Overall cutoff- 34 hours 

100K, Overall cutoff- 20 hours

55K, Overall cutoff- 10 hours 

Half Marathon cutoff- 4 hours

Click here for a detailed table of individual aid station cutoffs



Aid Station Info:

, Click here for a detailed table of drop bag locations and options.

You must also use the following  guidelines: 

-All bags must be labeled with name, bib # (in large print), aid station, and race distance.  Optional, but a good idea if your label comes off, is a card inside with the same information and contact information.  Please label your bags the day before the race on your own or at check in.  Trying to label your bags on race morning is not a good idea.  It is often dark and busy. 

-All drop bags must be left in designated drop off location by 8PM the night before race day.

-No valuables or fragile items in your drop bags. We are not responsible for any lost/stolen items.

-Watch the weather forecast.  If there is any chance of rain, place your items in zip lock bags inside of your drop bag.

-Minimum size:  Gallon size freezer zip lock.  No grocery store plastic bags or garbage bags..

-Maximum size:  Shoe box for single pass and daytime aid stations.  Small duffel or small carry on for multiple pass aid stations.

Getting your drop bag back:  Generally all bags come back about 1 hour after the aid station closes.  At Goosebump and Virgin Desert aid stations, there will be a "Return to Start Line" area where you can place your drop bag after you no longer need it and we will try to get it back early if possible. You must place the bag in this area, Crew or volunteers cannot sort through them in order to reduce the risk of a drop bag inadvertently being returned to the start line.

The 100 miler has 13 fully stocked aid stations, the 100K has 11, the 50K has 4, and the Half Marathon has 2.

Heed by Hammer  is our sponsoring energy/electrolyte drink and will be served at each aid station. 

In addition to the standard aid station fare, we are very proud to offer our runners organic food options at each aid station. There will be a designated, labeled section letting you know which items are organic.   

Any night aid stations will have different warm food items such as broth (vegan), ramen noodles, rice/bean/cheese/salsa burritos, grilled cheese, quesadillas, coffee, hot chocolate, and pancakes/eggs/bacon in the morning.

Birthday cake will be served at the Goosebump aid station, celebrating all of the runners with April birthdays!


Pacers & Crew: 

Crew access is shown on the aid station cut off spreadsheet found here.

For 100 milers pacers start at Grafton, for 100K pacers start at second pass through Dalton Wash or Virgin Desert. 

Click here for driving directions to Dalton Wash Aid Station

Click here for driving directions to Grafton Mesa Aid Station (Road between Rockville and Grafton Mesa can get rutty and it's recommended to have high clearance/4wd if you drive it. Otherwise take the longer approach using Hwy 59.)

Click Here for driving directions to Virgin Desert Aid Station

You are responsible for the actions of your crew and pacers. If their behavior is deemed inappropriate by race staff, you will be disqualified. Please let them know this and only choose crew members that will treat our volunteers and staff with respect while you are out on the course.

Due to the remote location of this race, we will not be able to provide live updates for your friends/family to follow you from home. We do have satellite phones and/or radios at the aid stations so that we can account for runners on the course and keep communication lines open among our staff members, but we do not have the ability to communicate runner whereabouts to your loved ones during the event. If you would like to let friends and family know your status on the course, you have a couple of options. 1) You can text them from the areas of the course with cell service (there are many points on the course where reception is  good enough to get a text out, but it can be difficult to get a phone call out. If you're worried about your cell phone battery, you can turn it off after sending a text, leave it in airplane mode, or carry a small battery backup device. 2) Use a tracking app such as Endomondo which will automatically update your whereabouts when you come into a reception area. (These apps tend to drain your cell phone battery and the use of a battery backup device will be necessary if you plan on leaving it on for the duration of the event.)  




For course marking all distances/courses will be marked with pink flags and ribbons. 100 mile course includes 3 loops in the Virgin River desert starting at mile 76.5. The order of the markings and loops will be Red, then White, then Blue. These loops will be signed and marked with Red, White, Blue flagging and markers.    Any tricky junctions will be marked well with signs and flour arrows. A piece of highly reflective tape is attached to each trail marker that may be encountered at night. 

It is the responsibility of the runner to check in at each aid station (coming in only, no need to check out of the aid station.) Seek out the aid station worker wearing the fluorescent orange vest and give them your bib number. Failure to check in at an aid station can result in disqualification. If you drop out of the race YOU MUST TURN IN YOUR BIB TO THE NEAREST AID STATION CAPTAIN. If you fail to do this, not only will you be responsible for all related search party costs, but you will not be allowed to enter any future UA events. 


Zero Waste Event:

All UA events are zero waste, with less than 1% of the trash produced at the event going to the landfill (and no portapotty chemical sludge being sent to the wastewater treatment facilities.) Our aid stations run on solar power, as are the majority of our staging area energy needs. Please place trash in the appropriate container. Littering on the course will get you disqualified. 


Lodging / Camping:

There will be camping available near the start and finish line Click Here for directions to the start/finish line parking area. Those paying for camping can continue to the start/finish area found here. These campsites are limited.  And should fill up fast. A link for site reservations can be found HERE

Virgin is located right in the middle of Hurricane and Springdale, about a 15 min. drive to either of them. We highly recommend staying in Springdale if you can- hotel prices are  higher than Hurricane or St. George, but the proximity to the park and the ambiance of the town are worth it.  A discounted rate has been offered from the premier hotel in Zion Canyon-  Cable Mountain Lodge. Just let them know that you’re running the race when you reserve.

Another discounted rate has been offered to runners from a world class resort  - Coral Springs Resort .  Use the code UltraCoral when booking! The Coral Springs Resort is situated right between St. George, and Zion National Park. It is an ideal location for anyone wanting to both be close to the race and to explore southern Utah!  

 Follow this link for more lodging options around Springdale. (Links to lodging in the Hurricane and St. George areas are also available through this same website.)

Zion River Resort is offering 15% off to participants. Just mention that you’re with the “Zion 100″ for the discount. RV and camping is available. Visit their website here:

There are many beautiful dry camping spots near the start/finish line which can be rented out for $20 for a weekend pass. First come first serve until all sites are gone. Lots of shade trees, next to the river, and walk to and from the start/finish line. Non campers will need to be shutttled in one mile from the BMX parking area. 

Here is a blog post about camping options within 15 minutes of the starting line.  

There are many home rental options near the start/finish line which can be found on and


Getting here:

The St. George airport is about 45 min from Virgin.  Las Vegas International Airport is about 2 hours and 15 minutes from Virgin. Click Here for directions to the start/finish line parking area. Those paying for camping can continue to the start/finish area found here.


Awards & SHWAG:

The belt buckles (awarded for the 100 miler finishers only) are each hand crafted using organic materials gathered on the course and preserved in resin.  A variety of locally and custom made awards will be provided to the finishers of the other distances..  Each of our awards is unique- you can choose the one that speaks to you.  Special awards will be given to the top 3 overall male and female finishers for each distance as well.



We hope that you will join us at the finish line for as long as you’d like to welcome home the other finishers.  One of our goals this year is to create a welcoming environment for you to hang out with old and new friends.  To make this possible, we will have the following amenities present at the finish line to keep you comfortable- shade, seating, pizza, heated tents, drinks, hot showers, a wood-fired cedar hot tub, and recovery area.  









Rollover Policy:

If you are unable to attend the race after registering, we are happy to rollover your race credit towards any future Ultra Adventures' event within 2 years of the original race date.  The amount credited will be determined by how much advanced notice you give us, since many costs involved with the race are incurred early.  If you notify us prior to 60 days before the race, you are eligible for a 100% rollover towards any Ultra Adventures event.  If you notify us prior to 30 days before the race- a 75% rollover or will be issued.  If you let us know up to 7 days prior to the event- a 50% rollover can be applied.  Within 7 days of the event- no rollovers will be issued. Any changes to runner registrations will incur a $10 processing fee.



We realize that the races in this series are out of the way for most runners, and it may be the only time that you visit these breathtaking areas. One of our biggest desires at Ultra Adventures is that you walk away from this event having fully experienced what the region has to offer. Even a 100 mile course can only capture a portion of these unique areas. We want you to get into and explore the heart of the national park, walk through that remote slot canyon, see that incredible overlook that is not part of the course. Most often, these spectacular areas are protected as part of a national park, monument, or wilderness area where races are not permitted as part of the management plan. These are often the areas most frequented by tourists, but  are nevertheless places that we feel you must see while you’re visiting. It is our hope that through a more in depth exploration of the area, you will become more connected to the local landscape, thus creating more stakeholders in its preservation.

For each event, we have created a “Trifecta” list - boiled down to 3 “must see” trails or land features that are within a reasonable traveling distance of the race course. For each of the 3 “legs” of the Trifecta that you complete, you will receive 10% discount credited towards the next Ultra Adventures event that you participate in! Complete all three legs of the Trifecta and you have earned yourself 30% off of the next event! These discounts can also be accumulated, so after 3 events, you can earn 90% off of the 4th event just for getting out and doing what you love!! 

Trifecta Rules: To get credit for completing a leg of the Trifecta, you must submit a picture from each of the required locations of that particular leg of the Trifecta. . 

Photos must include:

1)  A clear view of your face - now you've got a perfect excuse to take selfies and don't have to feel any shame about it! :)

2) A clear view of your bib # or a paper with your bib# written on it.

***Pictures can be submitted in either of these two formats:

1) Instagram- Use the hashtag #ZionTrifecta


2) Email the picture to


1) Angels Landing- This popular hike offers spectacular views of the main canyon from 1,500ft above the valley floor. Click here for trail description If you have any energy left and you are looking for more miles after making it to the overlook, we would encourage you to continue up the amazing West Rim trail, which you will be using to access the Angel’s Landing spur trail.

2) The Narrows/Riverside Walk- This is a “must see” while you are here if the spring runoff is in your favor.  Your feet will get wet on this one, and other than the approach on the paved river trail, there will not be much running involved.  Click here for a  trail description of the Narrows.  ***April runoff can make it difficult to get very far up into the narrows.  If that is the case, you can substitute this hike with an exploration of Hidden Canyon. Click here for Hidden Canyon trail description.

3) Observation Point- This trail will take you to an overlook that peers down into the main canyon from the top of the cliffs 2,100ft above the valley floor. Click here for trail description

***Other amazing options (which can replace any of the above trifecta legs but are not required due to price and/or distance):

- Taylor Creek- This would be an easy and beautiful warm up run that you can check off if you're coming from the north on I-15. It's a stunning and scenic 2.5 miles in (5 miles round trip) w little elevation gain. It is less than 5 minutes from I-15 to the trailhead via the Kolob Canyons entrance to Zion National Park. (It has always amazed me how little use the trails in this area of the park get when they are so close to the freeway. They are tucked away and well hidden from view from I-15 although very accessible.)

- Kolob Arch- This trail can substitute any of the 3 legs of the Trifecta that you’ve done before if you’d like to try something new.  There are two ways to access the arch, both are beautiful and about the same distance (about 7 miles each way). You can take either the Hop Valley trail or LaVerkin Creek trail.

Parunaweap- An out and back down to the river via the Checkerboard Mesa Escape Route requires some route finding skills (I probably put in an extra mile when I did it). This canyon is pristine and seldom seen and well worth the effort.

Eagle Crags- This is one of the BLM trails located in the Mt. Canaan wilderness area adjacent to the park that is every bit as scenic as trails located within the park boundaries. Beautiful views into Lower Parunaweap Canyon from the overlook.

Water Canyon-Squirrel Canyon- If you’ve seen it all in Zion or want to get into the rarely visited outreaches of the backcountry, this 11 mile loop is one of my favorites of all time.

Trans Zion (Zion Traverse)- Anyone crazy enough to do this epic route within a week from race day would not need to do any of the other Trifecta legs.  30% off your next event if you have the legs to pull it off.  Take a pic in Hop Valley, one from the top of the West Rim trail and one from the top of the East Rim.

The Subway- If you are one of the lucky ones to obtain one of the 80 daily issued permits to hike the Left Fork of North Creek, don’t pass up the opportunity.

Pine Creek- You’ll need a wetsuit, rappelling gear, and a permit for this one but oh man is it amazing.

***Race credit must be redeemed within one year from the race date and the amount credited is based on the amount that you paid for the event that you participated in- (ie. for a $100 registration fee you would earn $10 credit for each leg of the Trifecta, for a $200 registration fee, you would earn $20 credit for each Trifecta leg completed).

A look at some of the trails included in the Grand Circle Trifecta Challenge. We will extend the video as we get more footage coming in...