The Grand Circle Trail Series 1,000 Mile Challenge

This challenge is the Queen Mother of them all!  


To become a 1,000 miler, You must finish each of the 100 mile races at all ten of the Grand Circle Trail Series events.  

**There is no time restriction on the number of years that one has to complete this challenge.

**The earliest that this challenge could possibly be completed is April of 2016 (After the Spring Trailfest, TBA)

**Anyone that has already completed the Zion 100, Bryce 100, or Grand Canyon 100 can use those races towards the completion of the series.  

**If you decide later to drop down to the 500 or 300 mile challenge, your 100 mile races can take the place of the shorter distance courses of the same event (ie. the Bryce 100 can take the place of the Bryce 50).

Those who complete the 1,000 mile challenge will receive a large, Navajo made tomahawk with their name and total time for the series engraved on the handle. In addition, a special award will be offered any runners that are a part of the inaugural group of inductees. (A Navajo drum that features a hand-painted map with each of the ten Grand Circle Trail Series race locations).