Ambassador PROGRAM

ambassador |amˈbasədər| • a person who acts as a representative or promoter of a specified activity

We know there are some of you are a little more passionate about our events than most. We want to reward you for your passion. We are introducing our *new* Ambassador program. Being an ambassador will require you to be engaged in our series, help increase brand awareness, represent us and our brand online and at the events by answering questions on companies policies as well as course and logistics.


  • Aid Station Ambassador – You would be in charge of an Aid Station and find volunteers to work the aid station.

    Expectations//requirements: Work (or find a substitute) for at least 2 races a year.

    Benefits: Free race entry (1:1), Payment ($ depends on race and aid station), & Ambassador Swag


  • Expo Ambassador – You would help out at the Expos (set up and execution), answer questions and talk to runners and get them excited about the event.

    Expectations//requirements: Work expo all day for at least 2 events a year (set up, expo, take down). Be knowledgeable about all event details (course, schedule, etc.).

    Benefits: Free race entry (1:1) & Ambassador Swag

  • Social Media Ambassador – You would help out on social media, check the pages, answer any questions, post responses to comments and post your own race reviews or race coverage.

    Expectations//requirements: Active on Social Media, answering community questions and making us look good. For every race you participate in you must cover the event (photos, post-race report, etc.) on Facebook, Instagram, blogs, etc. Attend a minimum of 2 races a year.

    Benefits: Free race entry into as many races as they want to run that year, a sweet t-shirt, a coupon code to share, & Ambassador Swag

  • Community Ambassador – You would reach out in your community, talk about our events, get locals excited about our events, go to city council meetings of the race town and make sure questions about our events are being answered. You would also recruit Volunteer efforts in the race area.

    Expectations//requirements: Must be involved in a large community (online or race local) and have influence. Recruit participants & volunteers. Raise awareness of our events in their community.

    Benefits: Comped race entry, Free race entries (up to 2 per race to be used for giveaways, fundraisers, etc. – can be more if ambassador proves themselves), Coupon code to share, & Ambassador Swag


Do you love running in and around National Parks? Do you like to talk to people about your favorite races? Do you want to be able to run our races for free? What are you waiting for?! Fill out this form: Ambassador Application


  • Be passionate about our series
  • Have been to one of our events
  • Be involved in your local running community
  • Willing to put in the work, be informed


**Details of benefits vary depending on the type of Ambassadorship

  • Race Entries
  • Sweet Ambassador Swag (shirt, hat, etc.)
  • Coupon code to share
  • Free high fives