Yoga Pose of the Month- January

We are very lucky to have ambassador Keena DeLay on board with us this year. As a yoga instructor, she has offered to lead yoga sessions the evening before the race at the Monument Valley, Zion, Grand Canyon, Bryce, Capitol Reef and Tushar events!!

Keena will be providing us with a "Pose of the Month" to help keep us on track and remind us not to neglect this important facet of training.  Here is the first in the series. Enjoy!! 

Yoga Pose of the Month -  Triangle Pose (Trikonasana)

  Getting prepared for the pose by standing tall and inhaling.

Getting prepared for the pose by standing tall and inhaling.

 E xhaling and bending laterally from the hip and ending up in the pose.

Exhaling and bending laterally from the hip and ending up in the pose.


This is one of the most photographed poses in Yoga that we see in magazines and articles.  In most of the pictures we see the person in the photo with their hand on the ground.  So of course everyone tries to do that.  But in doing so most people lose proper form and alignment. So the goal over time and with consistent practice would be to get your hand to the ground while maintaining proper form.  For most of us though, we will need to rest our hand on our leg or use a prop like a yoga block or chair to rest our hand on. 


- Stretches hamstrings, calves, hips, shoulders and chest. 


- Heel of the front foot should line up with the arch of the back foot.

- Stance will depend on flexibility but generally 3 feet apart.

- Make sure to put weight on all four corners of the feet.

- Inhale and stand tall ; extend arms to side; exhale and reach the front arm forward and torso forward while keeping your hips aligned.

- Open up the chest and keep the shoulders away from the ears.

- You can gaze up at your arm or down at your foot.

- Try not to put all of your weight on the front leg or on the front hand.  The hand should just be resting on the thigh, shin, calf, prop, or the      ground.

- You can use the backside of the bottom hand to push gently against the front leg to help open up the chest.

- As you hold the pose remember to breathe and use the exhale to go deeper into the pose (open up the chest more and try to walk your hand down further towards the ground w/o losing form and alignment in the hips). 


*Imagine there is a wall behind you and while in Triangle Pose the entire back side of your body is touching that wall.  Your top hip should be in alignment with your other hip (stacked on top of it).

*If you look down at your front foot and your torso and head are in front of it instead of right on top of it then you need to bring your torso up higher and realign.