Antelope Canyon Pre Race Email

Runner live tracking link:

***Runners will be tracked at Horseshoe Bend and Lake Powell Aid Station. Until your runner has passed through the first checkpoint, they will not appear on the live tracking results. Runners can be searched by name or bib number. Live tracking results are not final*** 

Bib numbers can be found at this link (search by distance) until the event goes live Saturday morning:

Can't wait to kick off the 2015 season and the Grand Circle Trail Series with you all at the Antelope Canyon event!  

George, Rick, Turd'l, Mikey and myself have been working together for months now in preparation for the 2015 season and are so excited to bring this amazing group of people together to do what we love at one of the most beautiful locations on the planet  Mikey, Kali, Sara, Carlotta, Val, and Jen have been busy making each award with love- it is waiting for you to fulfill your destiny and claim it when you cross that finish line :)

The 100/50 mile course will be marked in pink ribbons with reflective tape. Any time that the 55K and 20K overlap with the 100/50 mile route, you will follow the pink flags.  Green flags will mark the short 55K route variation and orange flags will mark the short 20K route variation.  Junctions and difficult sections will be labeled with signs, flour arrows, and LED lights (if it occurs during the night.)  Be careful at street crossings. With the exeption of the first one on Hwy98 where police officers will have traffic stopped, you will be responsible to cross safely. Traffic will not stop for you, you need to wait until it is clear. The signs placed out for traffic are just warning them to slow down and be aware that you're there, but they are not required to stop. 

It is the responsibility of the runner to check in at each aid station (coming in only, no need to check out of the aid station unless you are dropping.) Seek out the aid station worker wearing the fluorescent orange vest and give them your bib number. Failure to check in at an aid station can result in disqualification. If you drop out of the race and do not let the nearest aid station captain know, not only will you be responisble for all related search party costs, but you will not be allowed to enter any of our future events. 

I'm very excited to announce that we will be using Tailwind as the hydration drink at our events this year, so plan accordingly.  

The nights will be very cold, it could drop down into the 20's so be prepared for that. The 100/50miler start in the dark (6am) so make sure that you have a headlamp.  We need to have the last runners entering Upper Antelope Canyon by 8:00, before the first tour group arrives.  You can label and drop your headlamp at the first aid station and pick it up w your drop bag items after the race.  

Be mentally prepared for a sandy course. Just because the elevation change is minimal on this course it will still challenge you in many other ways including sand, inconsistent slickrock running, a couple of steep scrambles, and climbing a few ladders. 

We will have a course preview meeting at 6:30pm Friday for those interested the night before where either Rick or myself will be giving an overview of the course conditions and answering any questions.  We will also be playing this flyover video at the starting area during checkin. After the course preview meeting at 7pm we will have a local guest speaker giving a fireside chat about the area.  This speaker is "Bubba" Ketchersid, who has lived in the area for 35 years managing rafting operations in the Grand Canyon and boat operations on Lake Powell.

Checkin is located at the start/finish line area, which is a large natural ampitheatre with a stage built into it for summer concerts. This is just north of the junction of Coppermine Road and Hwy 98.  Feel free to pick up your bib any time between 2-8pm.  Your meal tickets will get you Navajo tacos, prepared by Lorraine and Carlotta, who will be coming over from Monument Valley to prepare the food and sell their jewelry.  Carlotta made the 20k finisher awards and her niece made the overall winner awards.  They could really use your support so consider buying some jewelry if authentic, handmade traditional jewelry at all interests you or maybe an extra Navajo taco or two for your crew.

Those of you that follow us on Facebook are probably aware of the tragic situation that one of our runners, Malcom Bennett, has been dealing with since last June.  I am so impressed with the way you all stepped up to show your support for him financially last week. It meant a lot to him and to me.  We will have the purple silicone bracelets for you to pick up at checkin if you would like to run for Alyssa and support Malcom in his first 100 mile attempt. These are free of charge. Malcom would like you to know that he does not need any more financial support at this time but has been very touched by the outpouring of emotional support on his and Alyssa's behalf. 

We were unable to secure an aid station location that we wanted along the Page Rim trail and thus had to shift the aid stations slightly from how they previously appeared on the map, so the newly updated version of the map is a little different on the Page Rim section. You will now need to do a short out-and-back (0.18 miles) to get up to the Lake Powell aid station, which will affect the overall mileage, especially for the 100 milers that will be there six times.

I hope you're planning on getting out and seeing some of the beautiful land features unique to this area while you're here, as part of our Trifecta Series. If you're unaware of what that is, you can read more about it here:  It would be a shame to come all the way to Page and not hike down to the Colorado River or walk/run in to Buckskin Gulch, or go see the ruins at Navajo National Monument, etc.  Rainbow Bridge is a once in a lifetime opportunity (largest natural bridge in the world) but it's expensive ($125) and the tour company only runs on Saturday unless 20+ people sign up for the Friday tour.  You can contact Lake Powell Resorts if you're interested.  In my opinion it's worth it if you can afford it, the boat ride out there is spectacular (I don't get any kind of kickback from them, it really is amazing.)  

We will have a photo competition after the race via our Instagram account. Photos can be taken before, during, or after the race. They can be photos of the course itself, from one of the trifectas, something funny at the event, your roadtrip, whatever. You have a two week window to submit them (a week before the event and a week after it.) Hashtag #ultraadventures to enter.  The top vote getters will be awarded some great prizes from some of our sponsors such as Altra, Orange Mud, Smith Optics, St. George Running Center, Joe Trailman Gaiters, and High Desert Drop Bags.

Remember that we put on Zero Waste events. This means that we'll need your help by putting any waste in the appropriate container. The most important thing to separate is any organics/compostable items.  Any left over food etc. please put in the "compost" buckets.  Once that potentially smelly stuff is out of the way, it's really not that big of a deal if we have to do a little extra sorting. So please don't put food items in the trash or recycle containers. We will also have little buckets out at the aid stations for you to put your used gel packets into. 

All of the toilets used at our event are composting toilets.  If you're not familiar with what a composting toilet is, it's just a dry toilet with a carbon source medium (usually sawdust) added to the toilet chamber after each use (#2 that is- no need for #1).  Please put a nice scoop of sawdust over your turd to aid in the composting process and keep things looking nice for the person coming after you :)  

Is anybody interested in temporary tattoos with an elevation profile of your course printed on them? These can be very helpful as you just have to look down at your forearm to see how far away and how much climbing/descent before the next aid station. Please reply if you are interested so that I have an idea of how many to order. They would be $5 at checkin. Include in your reply which distance you are running. 

Our Eco-Trailer is ready and will be at the event, don't forget your towell if you'd like to give our showers and wood-fired hot tub a spin. Check it out here 

I'm a little bummed about the shirts- I went with a new company that supports better working conditions in Haiti. We paid quite a bit more for these shirts because I thought we were supporting a worthy cause, but when the order came they all said "Made in El Salvador" and the color was off.  I apologize if you're not a fan of them. I always get a cotton/poly blend shirt because I have too many tech shirts and like something I can wear every day. You will also get to select a head gear item (beanie, trucker hat, visor, or hair band) and those are coming from a company we've worked with in the past so there shouldn't be any surprises with that order. 

We've got some very cool awards for you that I'm excited for you to see, but you'll just have to wait :)

See you soon!