Monument Valley Important Update

Hi guys,

This email is to make you aware of a situation that will likely affect the race next weekend to some degree.  Over the last week and a half, the Monument Valley area has received an unusual amount of snowfall, more than they've seen in years (over 2 feet on the valley floor, and even more up on the mesas).  This has been followed by warm weather which caused them to declare the area to be in a state of emergency yesterday.  (Click here to see a local news story about the situation).  

This will likely affect the race route as the park has closed the main valley drive for the next two weeks, but weve got a plan B and C under way, either of which will still be amazing. I talked to the park supervisor and there's still a small possibility that we can use the full route but we will probably end up doing a modified route that includes the other two sections of the course (Mystery Valley and the north valley). 

The bigger issue is that the Navajo people can really use our help right now- were organizing a trip out tomorrow to set up our tents and propane heaters for families to stay in that have been evacuated. There's a lot of snow on the mesas still that hasn't melted so it's going to continue for many days. A lot of the children and elderly that rely on the school and community lunch programs have been cut off by the flooding rivers and there's a need for supplies to be brought in to some of the remote areas.  We're organizing our resources to be of help in any way that we can and part of our team will be on site by tomorrow evening. I'll keep you informed of the details as they become available.  Worse case scenario is that we'll have a big runner-based service project helping pack supplies into remote areas accompanied by some killer group runs each day into the beautiful areas that are still runnable. No matter what happens you're going to see some of the most spectacular scenery on the planet and will have an unforgettable cultural experience. 

Thanks for your understanding in this matter.  Matt