Grand Canyon Course Update

Hope you're as excited as we are for the upcoming race this weekend! 


A few items, based on some of your questions: 


First off, please become familiar with the information found on the web page if you haven't yet:

Also, please become familiar with your course map (found on the web page) and watch the Google Earth flyover video if you haven't yet: 

100 mile flyover-

50 mile flyover-
50k flyover-
25k flyover-


The race takes place in Arizona, which does not observe Daylight Savings time. This means that the races start an hour later than Utah time (Mountain Standard time, which is now the same time as the Pacific time zone.) Often your cell phone will pick up a Utah cell tower while in Arizona, leading you to believe that it is an hour later than it actually is. It will be light outside for the 100 mile start at 6am. No need for headlamps for the start. 


The weather forecast is currently calling for a rain/snow mix on race day. Last weekend there was about six inches of snow in the storm that came through and conditions were downright freezing (a harsh contrast to last year's 80+ degree temps on race day.) The snow quickly melted off, but for a day or so it was winter conditions up there, so be prepared for the worst. Dry socks, clothing, and a waterproof jacket will be imperative to pack in drop bags for the ultra distance runners. Make sure your drop bags are waterproof (gallon ziplocks work well.) Also, remember to place your drop bag in the "Back to Start Line" pile after you've passed through the aid station for the last time if you'd like it back earlier than when the aid station closes. Bib numbers can be found on Ultrasignup here so that you can label your drop bags ahead of time if you'd like (and use them for the Trifecta Challenge!)


If the weather is extremely wet, this can affect our shuttle bus's ability to take runners to the starting line as dirt roads are used to reach the starting lines and can become very sloppy.  If the roads are impassable for our shuttle bus, the 50 mile, 50K, and 25K will be forced to run a modified out-and-back course.  Be prepared to get cozy with the person next to you on the shuttle bus ;)  


Make sure to punch your bib at the Monument Point turnaround (50 and 100 milers) and Stina Point (100 milers). 


The forest service will be opening the Hwy 67 gate a day early for the event, (Thursday, the 14th). If you come before that, you can either take a 2 mile dirt road detour around the locked gate at Jacob's Lake or you can drive Hwy 22 to Hwy 67. There are free camping spots at each of the overlooks on the course if you'd like wake up on the edge of the Grand Canyon one morning :)


The only tree that we weren't able to clear on the access roads (because it was too large for our chainsaw) is on the road heading out to Locust Point. We can still get our supplies in to the self-serve aid station (water, Tailwind, gels) but unless your crew has 4wd they won't be getting around that tree. They likely wouldn't have made it there to see you anyways as it is only 3 miles along the trail from Fence Point, which distance you will likely cover faster than the 10ish miles of dirt road that they'd have to drive to get there. 


There is no cell service and no internet access available at the start/finish line. An independently owned gas station/convenience store is within walking distance of the staging area and they do have some camping supplies, etc if you forget anything. The Kaibab Lodge will be happy to serve you up a warm meal when you're hungry and tired of our pizza :)


Don't forget that Keena will be leading a free yoga session in the meadowon Friday evening at 5:30 if you'd like to join in (all ability levels welcome).


 If you have crew that would be willing to help out at an aid station, we'd be happy to put them to work! Their volunteer hours can count towards a discount for your next race. Also for those of you that are sticking around after your race and still have a little pep in your step, we'd be happy to put you to work at an aid station (to relieve one of the aid workers there for a spell). 


See you all soon in a place that is truly amazing!!