Bryce Canyon 2016 Race Report

Bryce 2016 was HOT! Record breakingly hot!! I swear that during ultra runs when the weather turns extreme  we often get to see true examples of heroism and acts of selflessness. That is what happened at Bryce this year. I heard countless stories of runners giving their water or fuel to someone who had run out, of aid station workers bringing water to runners miles from the aid station and then helping them make it back where we could get them medical attention, etc.

One story  stuck out more than the others, possibly because I was directly involved.  Around noon Saturday,  Chad who was running the 100, texted me saying he was turning around and he would "try to make it back to the blubber aid station" which was about 3 miles away.  He wanted to let me know so I could get him a ride. Not understanding his situation I told him "ok, good luck" and "I would send someone to get him."  A few hours later he sent me another message informing me he was on his way back to finish line in one of our shuttles. He also said the heat combined with dehydration was what ended his race.  At this point I still didn't know what he had gone through and to be honest neither did he.  He told me that another runner found him struggling, turned around and went back to the aid station to get him some help. I thought to myself "wow thats pretty cool," once again I still did not know the entire story. An hour after our last text,  Chad sent another message. He checked his GPS track and according to the data,  he had  passed out for for roughly an hour. He was in a dire situation with some extreme dehydration and heat related maladies  before the runner that ultimately "saved" him had left his own 50 mile race, ruining his time, his chances of finishing and potentially even his own safety to get another Chad help.  ‪#‎goosebumps

Here are your Bryce top finishers

Mark Hammond from Salt Lake won the Bryce 100 by a substantial margin with a time of 19:30:25.  Coming in second was Kenneth Ringled followed by DJ Loertscher with time of 21:45:37 and 21:59:00. In the female division Riva Johnson from Bend Oregon led the field running the 100 in 23:57:55. In second was Shannon Meredith (26:19:40) and Sylvia Ravaglia (26:19:40) 

In the 50M Female, Sabrina Stanley took home a first place award by of the by holding off Natalie Nicholson  with times of 10:02:45 and  10:08:20. Annie Blackham wasn't much behind in 3rd with a time of 10:31:06.  In the men's division Omar Pacheco  had a very quick race finishing in 8:37:20. Dan Berger and Tim Budd finished 2nd and 3rd with respective times of 9:27:39 and 9:37:53. 

In the 50k Nico Barraza took his second first place award of the season with a time of 5:48:38. Not far behind was Luke Watkins (5:48:38) and Alex Mettler (6:04:36). In the women's 50k Justyna Wilson (6:08?41) came in first followed by Florence Bonvin (6:16:02) and Arianne Brown (6:19:35) 

And in women's Bryce Half Kristen Svenson took first with a time of 2:22:45, followed by Valerie Cross and Kat Morrow with times of 2:29:15 and 2:30:55. In the men's Clay Mayes of Tulsa won with a quick time of 1:59:47 followed by Joshua Cross (2:05:39) and Brett Timothy (2:05:45)