Grand Canyon Race Report

In 2014 our Grand Canyon races experienced a record heat wave. In 2015 runners started in 6 inches of snow! This year instead of heat or snow we faced and ran into the wind!  Forecasts pre race predicted winds of 20mph + and gusts of over 50! 50!! That is borderline Hurricane force.  Personally I was camped at the North Timp Aid Station and I didn't sleep a wink fearing somehow my tent would be ripped from the ground and fly into the abyss of the Grand Canyon. Fortunately that didn't happen and more importantly race day, in general, the wind wouldn't be an issue for runners. Temperatures would be perfect and we would have  4 new course records by the end of the day. 

Running only his second 50-mile race Nico Barraza set a course record (7:52:10)  at the Grand Canyon 50 on a route that runs along the North rim of the greater Grand Canyon.  Matthew Van Horn with a Grand Canyon 50 2nd best time finished at 8:01:36 and coming in third Adrian Stanciu. In the female 50 mile race Breanna Cornell mastered the race (9:54:56) while setting a course record in the women's field with  Tiffen Zellers 2nd and Sylvia Greer in 3rd with times of 10:17:03 and 10:30:53. 

In the 50k Female Cait Morgan (course record) took home her 2nd first place finish of the year by holding off Maria Bradley with times of 5:49:45 and  5:50:28. Jacky Thompson wasn't much behind in 3rd with a time of 6:02:08.  In the men's division Andrew Coombs had a very quick race finishing (another course record!) in 4:19:48. Scott Shine and Giff Walters finished 2nd and 3rd with respective times of 4:44:49 and  4:47:52

Mike Popejoy took first in the half marathon with a blazing time of 1:31:02. Timothy Brett took second and Tony Russ third with times of 2:02:31 and 2:15:00.  In the women's division  Dieuwertje Poort  had a very quick time of 2:09:53 with Chloe Onofrychuk coming in second (2:15:08) and Gabriella Passidomo (2:17:09) in third.