Come Run with Me!

                                         Dont run and try to look at your GPS! 

                                        Dont run and try to look at your GPS! 

As I rolled on the frozen ground bloodied and yelling 4 letter words after tripping over...well I don't know what I tripped on... I thought to myself "WTH am I doing?!"  So what was I doing on the frozen tundra of Little Creek Mesa besides swearing and bleeding? I was training for my first ultra! 

It was almost one year ago when I was running with the brilliant race designer Matt Gunn (we were placing the rope for one of the big climbs on the Zion course, yes there is a rope!) and he said something like "Dude, you should run Zion next year." At the time I had worked for Ultra Adventures for two years doing social media, communications, marking trails, setting up tents, manning aid stations, etc. Basically, I have done just about everything from behind the scenes to on site but I had never run one of the races, never an ultra for that matter, nor a marathon, nor a half.  I think I did a 5k once! Remember when color runs were all the rave, I did that one!  But it wasn't until Matt G. challenged me to run a race had I every really thought about it. 

So here we are one year later. Zion is just over a month away and over the next 5 weeks between now and race day I will share weekly updates! I will share tips that I have read, lessons I have learned and hope to share a successful race with all of you.

Today I would like to share my first two tips for aspiring ultra runners. They are,  first if you are anything like me it took a challenge or an invite to think about running that first race and here is your invite! "Dude, you should run an ultra next year!"

The second, and maybe most important piece of wisdom from this rookie of running is SIGN UP!!! FIND A RACE, PULL THE TRIGGER and REGISTER (preferably a race hosted by Ultra Adventures). 

Follow my story on  the Ultra Adventures "Latest News" between now and Zion!