Environmental and Social Responsibility

All Ultra Adventures strives to conserve resources and to send as little to the landfill and wastewater treatment facility as we possibly can.

Here’s how we do it:

1-  We separate all organics/compostables as well as the normal recyclable materials at the start/finish line and each aid station. We use Clearstream containers at the staging area as well as at each aid station, making it easy for runners to place their waste in the appropriate bin. After the event, we take the recyclables to the appropriate facility and the food waste and compostable dinnerware to our composting facility.

2-  We use composting toilets instead of traditional portapotties.  Please add a scoop or handful of cover material (sawdust) after each use of the toilet to keep things fresh for the next user and to help maintain proper carbon/nitrogen ratios for composting. After the event, we take the toilets back to our permitted composting facility, where it goes into our Ecodrum composter and becomes a soil amendment applied to alfalfa fields. Composting toilets benefit the environment by conserving large amounts of water and energy.

3- All dinnerware and cups at our events are either compostable or reusable. Food vendors  are supplied with compostable plates, bowls, and utensils and aid stations are supplied with dishwashing stations and reusable dinnerware.  The coffee cups supplied for runners on race morning are also compostable. 

4- Each overnight aid station is equipped with a Goal Zero solar panel and a Yeti 400 solar generator to meet their power needs.

Supporting local businesses and artisans

Each of our awards is hand crafted by a local artisan.  We make an effort to purchase products from local sources whenever possible.  

Supporting local communities

We seek out mutually beneficial partnerships in the local communities where we put on events and hire out from local businesses.  We make donations to the local groups that staff our aid stations. Through this program we have been able to support local high school sports teams and youth groups.