Environmental and Social Responsibility

All UA events are zero waste, with less than 1% of the trash produced at the event going to the landfill (and NO portapotty chemical sludge being sent to the waste water treatment facilities.)

Here’s how we do it:

1-  We separate all organics/compostables as well as the normal recyclable materials at the start/finish line and each aid station.   We have labeled bins at each aid station, (please place trash in the appropriate bin.) We have an Ubuntu Blox machine that compacts our non-recyclable trash into bales which are used as a sustainable building material.  The beauty of the Ubuntu Blox system is that it provides a use for the non-recyclables such as wrappers, plastic bags, etc.  With this system, we are able to “up-cycle” nearly 100% of our landfill bound solid waste.

2-  Composting toilets. You will find a bin of cover material next to each of the toilets at the event.  Please add a scoop or handful of cover material after each use of the toilet to keep things fresh for the next user and to help maintain proper carbon/nitrogen ratios.  This cover material is usually sawdust, but can also be shredded newspaper, ash, peat moss, coffee grounds or another carbon source.

Solar powered event

Each overnight aid station is equipped with a Goal Zero solar panel and a Yeti 400 solar generator to meet their power needs. You'll also notice solar panels mounted to the top of one of our trailers at the start/finish line.

Supporting local businesses and artisans

Each of our awards is hand crafted by a local artisan.  We make an effort to purchase products from local sources whenever possible.  

Supporting local communities

We seek out mutually beneficial partnerships in the local communities where we put on events and hire out from local businesses.  We make donations to the local groups that staff our aid stations. Through this program we have been able to support local high school sports teams and youth groups.